The Giants, Patriots, or Pizza Delivery - who will deliver?

On Sunday, February 5th, the New York Giants and New England Patriots will face off in the Super Bowl and fans across the country are hoping they deliver.   Many of those same fans will also be counting on their favorite pizza chain to deliver a hot fresh pizza in time for the game.  Papa Johns, the Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL, set a single-day sales record last year on Super Bowl Sunday!  Domino’s predicts they will deliver over 1 million pizzas this year and Pizza Hut is forecasting more than 2 million.  How many of those pizzas will make it to their destination on time and most importantly, prepared correctly?   Most leading pizza chains ramp up their staff, ingredients, and marketing to handle the high demand of Super Bowl Sunday.  They should also be ramping up their customer feedback.  I’ve heard businesses state, “that’s the busiest day of the year and I don’t need you to tell me that we are bad.”  The unfortunate part of that statement is that fans have zero chance of changing the outcome of the game, but they have many options to change the outcome of their pizza delivery.   

Pizza chains may not be able to react to the feedback in time to make changes this year (although social media is changing this quickly), but they can use the feedback when planning for the next Super Bowl.  Pizza is the number one food of choice at game time and that represents a massive opportunity every single year.  If you don’t get it right this year, you can always make adjustments and capitalize next year.   That is, as long as you don't treat your customers "too" poorly, and hope they come back to you instead of a competitor next year.  Plan a targeted feedback campaign with a focus on keeping core customers happy or wowing the fringe or first time customer.