COVID-19 Compliance Services

IntelliShop’s COVID-19 Compliance Check and Greeter services are instrumental in the successful execution of our health and safety requirements. Our high IntelliShop Audit scores provide us the confidence in our stores ability to pass any external audits conducted by local health, safety, labor, or other agencies, while at the same time creating an environment that promotes a safe shopping experience for our customers.

- Micro Center Stores

Your customers and your own people are more concerned about health & safety issues now, so we’ve been helping our clients quickly adapt their customer experience improvement programs around issues related to the COVID-19 coronavirus. While other CX expectations are still there, programs must reflect the new reality of the customer’s experience interacting with your brand.

To help ensure your managers and associates are complying with special directives around the COVID-19 coronavirus, and to ensure that you are meeting customer expectations around the new experiences they are having with your company, we have developed a suite of services to support you.

These services will enable you to:

  • Know if your managers and associates are compliant with health & safety directives
  • Understand how your teams execute new protocols for customer interactions and touchpoints (no-touch order delivery; curb-side pickup; FaceTime sales; etc.
  • Provide unbiased, independent, and highly detailed evaluations
  • Have fact-based data for quick, corrective action, and to recognize your teams for a job well-done

Our Commitment To You

Flexibility, agility, and being adaptable have been part of our DNA for a long time. We need to be even better at those things now, to help you stay ahead of an ever-changing situation.

Certified Evaluators

We have already certified more than 1,500 of our most-experienced evaluators certified on special COVID-19 issues, and we are adding more every day.

Onsite COVID Compliance Checks

Deploy our onsite evaluators to ensure your locations are performing all of the necessary functions to keep your managers, associates & customers safe.

Virtual CX

Customer interactions are now initiated virtually via app, phone, & online. Whether it’s “contact-less” interactions, FaceTime sales walk-throughs (with video capture), or comprehensive online ordering and modified pickup processes, we’re here to help you understand experience & execution at these touchpoints.

Location Staffing

Social-distancing Ambassadors; entry greeters/screeners; safety-check teams; etc. We have filled more than 500 shifts for just one retail client in the first two weeks of this pandemic.

Delivery and Takeout Evaluations

Mystery shopping services that emphasize the delivery and takeout customer experience, whether it’s from a delivery service or using your own people.

Telephone Evaluations

With more orders placed via telephone, it’s important to know those are being handled well and that you’re realizing every sales opportunity; can be recorded if desired.

Social Care & Engagement

Own your reputation. We’ll scan all the most popular social sites for your mentions, ratings and reviews, and we can respond on your behalf. We’ll help you turn social commentary into a competitive advantage.

Mobile & Online Forms

If your teams are conducting their own checks on these issues, and you don’t have an easy, integrated reporting platform, use ours. Available as a mobile app and desktop version and provides real-time updates.

Ready to Reopen?

Here are some resources to help you reopen safely and successfully.

IntelliShop Best Practices for Reopening amid COVID-19

The IntelliShop COVID-19 reopening best practice guide is a basic summary of recommended practices that can be used to help mitigate exposure to the COVID-19 virus at your business.

This document is meant to be used in conjunction with instruction you receive from local and federal authorities.

Reopening Guidance from the National Restaurant Association

This guide is designed to provide you with a basic summary of recommended practices that can be used to help mitigate exposure to the Covid-19 virus, including Food Safety, Cleaning and Sanitizing, Employee Health Monitoring, Personal Hygiene, and Social Distancing.

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