Build a better customer experience.

Every business has room to grow, but it can be hard to know where to start. IntelliShop has talented people, and solutions, to help you go from here to there, and from good to great.


How do your customers experience your brand?

What really happens when your customers call, click or visit you? Does their experience meet your objectives as a business? Does it meet theirs? Are you getting a return on the investment you're making in people, training, communications, incentives, and time? Is your team creating great experiences that result in loyal, repeat customers?


Find out exactly what it's like on the front lines.

Our solutions will tell you exactly how your customers experience your brand. Exactly why some associates are more effective than others? Specifically, why would your customers choose you, or a competitor? We bring you concrete, detailed answers to the questions you have about your business.


Take action and affect change in your business.

IntelliShop's mystery shopping programs bring you detailed information about a customer's experience as if you were actually there at the time. But we don't stop there. We go beyond mere data collection to helping you understand what it means, and how to use it to improve. We help you create a real, effective action plan to go from good to great.


See your business from all the ways your customers do.

Mystery shopping is fact-based and truthful. Voice of the Customer programs let you hear what actual customers think and feel about your company and brand. Video shop and recorded telephone evaluations let you see & hear the actual customer experience. We'll help you figure out which one, or combination, is the best approach for your company.


on location

Brick and Mortar is still many companies' bread and butter. We have more than 1 million mystery shoppers to send to any kind of consumer-facing business you can think of, follow a scripted, typical-customer visit, then report back to us on their experience.


on your website

Your website is your storefront. It's often your first impression. We'll help you find out if it's doing its job. Our specially-trained in-house team of Internet Experience Experts will click, scroll, explore, and order from your website, carefully evaluating every step along the way.


on the phone

Do you think strategically about your phones? Phone calls are still a big part of your customer’s experience with your brand. We help you ensure your contact centers, locations, and automated phone services are meeting your customer’s needs.

So what do you do with all this data?

How do you take it from words and numbers on a page to meaningful business performance and transformation? We'll help figure out next-steps, and guide you along the way. Collecting and reporting information is only a part of the process that leads to continuous improvement in the world of delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Understanding all of that information and formulating strategies for action on it, takes it to another level that effects true change and improvement.

That's where we come in.

We assist many clients by analyzing their results and consulting with them to help drive improved and better customer experiences, best practice development, training suggestions, reward and incentive programs, and other initiatives that help to complete the circle.

How does mystery shopping work?

Every business is different, even those in the same industry. That's why we focus on flexibility and creativity when we design and implement mystery shopping programs. The process from "Let's Go" to program launch can be as quick as two weeks. Working with us usually looks something like this:

1. Plan

First, we'll connect you with one of our Client Services Managers. She'll get to know your business and work with you on a custom mystery shopping plan. We call this The Roadmap, because we distill it into a specific plan and timeline for you.

2. Schedule

IntelliShop schedulers work with our panel of certified shoppers to make sure they perform the specific tasks you are interested in, like purchasing & returning items, taking a test-drive, opening a checking account, or simply asking questions of your associates - all by your specific deadlines.

3. Evaluate

After visiting your store, calling your customer service line, or using your website, shoppers complete the questionnaire we created specifically for your project. Answers are usually a combination of multiple choice or scored points, along with highly detailed, story-like comments that allow you to fully understand the experience. Robust quality assurance processes assure that every report is of the highest integrity and quality so you can have confidence in what's reported.

4. Analyze

We compile and analyze all of the data from within the completed evaluations to understand what it means more globally for you. We then develop and present you with an honest, in-depth look at your business through the eyes of your customers, along with recommendations on what to do to recognize exceptional performance, or improve where needed.

5. Change

We guide you on how to take what you've learned from the real experiences we've reported on, and integrate it within your overall customer experience and operational strategies. Your new knowledge of problem areas will help you create noticeable changes that make your customers even happier.

6. Repeat

We don't stop there. We know that taking your business from good to great means creating a culture of constant improvement. We will work with you to create a schedule of ongoing evaluations, and possibly other customer experience research services, that will help fine-tune your brand experience and take your business to the next level.

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Video Mystery Shopping

See your brand through the eyes of your customers.

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Reality Driven Feedback

With our video and audio evaluations, you get to see the actual experience between your associates and customers presented in full HD-video and clear audio. Powerful stuff. Exceptionally good for training, best practices identification and associate motivational programs. Capturing these interactions gives you unparalleled insight into how people experience your brand. After all, experience is everything.

Best Practice Videos

Dry, canned training materials can fall flat. Effective communication across organizations is challenging at best. That's why we encourage our clients to utilize their IntelliShop videos as in-house training videos, allowing current and future associates to learn from real-life customer experiences. With our own in-house video editors, we can present a custom-prepared compilation any way you want it.

Certified Video Evaluators

All of our video evaluators are certified for both skills and to assure they have the best, high-quality equipment. We make sure they know the ins and outs of your specific program so they can play the part and gather as much good information as possible.

More than mystery shopping.

We offer a 360 degree toolset to give you a fresh perspective on your business.

Voice of the Customer Programs

Listen closely...That's your customer! VOC programs provide valuable insight into what your customers think and feel about their experiences with your company. Programs can be designed as stand-alone feedback solutions, or in conjunction with other customer experience measurements (like mystery shopping, competitor evaluations, etc.), for a holistic picture of your customers' thoughts and experiences, allowing you to formulate informed strategies for performance improvement.

Whether it's via mobile devices, QR codes, register receipts, emailed surveys, interactive voice response, operator-assisted telephone surveys, or other methodology, we offer a complete, turnkey approach.



Forms As A Service

If you have managers/associates who conduct field audits, and find the reporting process inefficient, unwieldy, and slow, we can help bring it up to speed.  Using our InSite system, your team can capture & report their findings, including photos, using their smartphones, tablets and/or laptops.  This will bring a high level of organization, efficiency, and cohesiveness to your program.  InSite offers a full suite of pre-built reports to track results and spot trends, and we can also setup custom reports for you. 

Compliance Audits

Compliance audit programs enable you to get a fresh, in-depth look at the day-to-day details in the areas of operations compliance, marketing materials, and more.  

An audit program with us as your partner reduces the cost of using internal staff to do them, eliminates travel expenses, and most importantly, saves your staff considerable time - freeing them up to focus on their other important responsibilities.  We also bring greater focus to each audit, because it's all our auditor is there to do. And, our InSite web portal presents results in an organized, hierarchical reporting structure, with near-real time summary reporting at your fingertips.

Our team will work with you to design an audit program to meet your specific needs. Within 24-72 hours of each visit, a detailed, audit report will be sent (to as many people as you wish), and will also be available in our customized web portal.  Reports can include digital photos and/or HD video.

IntelliShop can help bring more focus to:

  • Closed Store and De-branding Verifications
  • Quality Control and Operations
  • Brand Protection, Image & Appearance
  • Pricing & Merchandising
  • Franchise Compliance
  • Site Safety
  • Food Prep and Kitchen
  • Product Recall


Data isn't useful unless it's easily accessible and ready to view. InSite™ is our proprietary platform that allows us to offer clients the best of both worlds: ready-made reporting, and also a custom portal solution, branded to them, to meet their specific reporting and analytics needs.

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