Voice of the Customer

For continued success, it’s vital to listen to what your customers are saying. IntelliShop’s Voice of the Customer tools help companies identify opportunities to increase engagement and positive word-of-mouth from their customers.

What is Voice of the Customer?

Voice of Customer programs provide valuable insight into the customer experience through customer satisfaction surveys. In addition to insights increasing audience engagement, you’ll gain a subjective understanding of what your actual customers think and feel about their experiences with your company and brand.

IntelliShop’s Voice of Customer tools can be designed as standalone customer feedback solutions. For a holistic picture of your customer experience, though, we recommend implementing our voice of customer tools in conjunction with any of our other methods of measuring customer experience. These include mystery shopping, competitor evaluations, social media monitoring, and compliance audits. Whichever solution is right for your business, we’ll then present our findings through detailed data analysis and formulate informed, actionable strategies for performance improvement.

Voice of Customer Surveys

Voice of Customer surveys are a great way to understand how your customers subjectively “feel” about their experience with your company. Survey questions are designed to identify quality of customer service, feelings on your products or service, friendliness of staff, etc. 

Understand Customer Expectations

Organizations that value loyalty and gather customer feedback are more likely to stay on top of evolving customer requirements and continue to improve customer experience. Simply gathering customer feedback isn’t enough. In order to see results, you’ll need to take action. 

In addition to providing detailed customer data analysis through our InSite™ reports, IntelliShop will develop an action plan to give your business a clear path forward. Our strategies to improve processes and ensure compliance are proven to help retain customers, build better products, deliver better services, and systematically understand customer experience to drive change at your company.

Voice of the Customer Tools

In order to gather the right customer feedback, it’s important to connect with customers at key points in the customer journey. IntelliShop can reach and engage with your audience through different voice of customer tools. We can collect customer feedback the following ways:


Mobile Devices


QR Codes


Register Receipts


Emailed Surveys


Interactive Voice Response


Operator-Assisted Telephone Surveys

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