Video Mystery Shopping

See what your customers see and hear what they hear. Video mystery shopping is an invaluable tool to grasp the reality of your customer experience through high-definition videos and clear audio recordings.

What is Video Mystery Shopping?

Video mystery shops capture real customer interactions as they happen, so you and your team can see and hear exactly what it’s like to experience your brand through your customer’s point of view. It’s the best way to monitor and measure these experiences against your benchmarks in order to take associate performance to the next level. When you partner with IntelliShop, you’ll receive reality-driven feedback, content for best practice videos, and access to our certified video evaluators and high-quality video equipment.


Reality driven feedback

Video mystery shopping is the most objective assessment possible. You’ll get to see and hear actual, real-life experience between your associates and customers for the most honest, unfiltered information available. Details like body language and tone of voice can make the difference between a customer experience that is merely acceptable and one that’s exceptional. Capturing these interactions gives you unparalleled insight into how people experience your brand.


Best practice videos

For many organizations, effective training across the organization is challenging, and dry, canned training materials often fall flat. Video mystery shopping can be used as a direct coaching tool to replicate the ingredients of an extraordinary customer experience. We encourage our clients to utilize their IntelliShop mystery shopping videos as in-house training videos to allow current and future associates to learn from real-life customer experiences. With our in-house video editors, we can create a custom-prepared compilation any way you want it.


High-definition quality

We only use advanced, high-definition video equipment to capture the high-quality picture and sound you need to fully assess each mystery shop.


Certified video evaluators

IntelliShop only uses certified video evaluators in our video mystery shopping services. Our rigorous screening process ensures all of our video evaluators use high-quality equipment and are skilled in secret recording. Before they go on a mystery shop, we educate our evaluators on the ins and outs of your specific program, so they gather as much useful information as possible.

Why Use Video Mystery Shopping?

Get the full picture

It’s often difficult for an executive to walk into a branch location and get the real picture. That’s why many of our clients use video mystery shopping to view the state and level of service for themselves.

Gain valuable data

In addition to a visual aid, IntelliShop takes it a step further by providing a valuable, detailed InSite™ report. The data gathered through IntelliShop’s video mystery shopping program is vital to understanding the experience from a customer’s perspective. We’ll work with you to create customized reports that track the initiatives you’d like to validate and present our findings in a story-like format with actionable next steps.

Save time and money

Especially for companies with locations across the U.S. and internationally, it can be costly and time-consuming to send associates to visit different locations. IntelliShop’s video mystery shopping program helps save time and reduce the cost of using internal staff to make multiple trips, freeing them up to focus on other important responsibilities.

Experience Video Mystery Shopping in Action

IntelliShop has experience providing video mystery shopping services in a number of industries. Check out some examples of our video mystery shopping work.

    Example 1. Home Builder

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