Mystery Shopping Services

Every business has room to grow, but it can be hard to know where to start. IntelliShop’s team of educated professionals and proven solutions can help you go from good to great.

Why Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is fact-based and truthful, making it the best way to understand your business from your customer’s point of view. Our highly qualified field evaluators think, act, and shop like your customers as your customer sample. Because of this, mystery shopping offers the most objective way to measure customer experience.


Understand how customers experience your brand

What really happens when your customers call, click, or visit you? Does their experience align with your business objectives? Does it exceed their expectations? Make sure you’re getting a positive return on investment in your people, training initiatives, and incentive programs. Ensure your brand creates exceptional customer experiences that result in brand advocates and loyal customers. IntelliShop provides measurable ROI with our detailed mystery shop reporting insights to validate your services and incentives.


Find out exactly what it's like on the front lines

IntelliShop’s mystery shopping solutions will identify opportunities for your business. Exactly why are some associates more effective than others? Specifically, why would your customers choose you or a competitor? We bring you concrete, detailed answers to the questions you have about your business’s performance.


Take action and affect change in your business

Our mystery shopping programs bring you detailed information about a customer’s experience as if you were actually there. But we don’t stop there. IntelliShop goes beyond mere data collection by helping you understand what it means and how to use it to improve. We help you create a real and effective plan of action to help your business go from good to great.


See your business from all angles

IntelliShop provides comprehensive mystery shopping services to allow you to see your business from all the ways your customers do. Along with our mystery shopping programs outlined below, IntelliShop offers additional services to give you a fresh perspective on your business.

Our Voice of Customer tools let you engage with actual customers to understand how they think and feel about your company and brand. Compliance audits keep your business in check by ensuring adherence to regulatory guidelines and brand standards across your locations. We’ll work with you to put together the right solution for your company.

Types of Mystery Shopping

IntelliShop has experience working with a wide range of industries. Depending on the type of company or the benchmarks you wish to validate, IntelliShop’s mystery shopping services include onsite mystery shopping, online mystery shopping, video mystery shopping, and telephone mystery shopping. We’ll help you determine which mystery shopping service or combination of services will generate the right results for your company.



Onsite Mystery Shopping

Brick and mortar stores allow customers to form real life relationships with your brand. Our onsite mystery shops take place in person, allowing for an all-around physical experience at one or multiple locations. Restaurants, event venues, car dealerships, airports, banks, hotels, retailers — IntelliShop has experience with businesses in just about every industry. Intellishop maintains a database of over 1 million independent evaluators/mystery shoppers. That means we offer the fastest and most cost-effective human deployment of any mystery shopping or staffing agency.


Online Mystery Shopping

Your website is your online storefront. Especially in today’s digital age, it’s often a potential customer’s first impression of your business. IntelliShop helps you understand how customers navigate your website to determine the effectiveness of your online user experience. Our specially trained in-house team of Internet experience experts will click, scroll, explore, and order from your website. We carefully evaluate every step of the customer experience along the way.


Telephone Mystery Shopping

Any way your customer comes in contact with your company directly impacts their overall customer experience. Phone calls, especially, are important for engaging new and existing customers, as they typically serve as a customer’s initial experience with your brand. IntelliShop helps ensure your contact centers, physical locations, and automated phone services are meeting your customer’s needs and making a great first impression.


Video Mystery Shopping

It’s important to understand how your customers interact with your company. Recording visits through video mystery shopping allows you to see and hear actual customer experiences. IntelliShop brings you high-resolution videos and clear audio to help you experience your brand from the customer’s point of view. It also makes it easy to share these videos for training and sharing best practices. With our team of certified video evaluators, you’ll receive reality-driven feedback and content for best practice videos. Learn more about our IntelliVew mystery shopping program.

What makes the best?

Named a Top Company for Mystery Shopping by Quirks Media

Winner of the MSPA Shoppers Choice Awards

IntelliShop, LLC, Market Research, Perrysburg, OH

Named a Top Company for Mystery Shopping by Quirks Media


On-time completion rate of more than 99% over the past 5 years


Consistency – sole-ownership and management since 1999


Great People – dedicated CSM with an average tenure almost 8 years


In-house coordinators for consistent service delivery

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