How Strategic Upselling Can Increase Your Bottom Line

How Strategic Upselling Can Increase Your Bottom Line Upselling in restaurants can be a touchy topic, teasing operators with increased sales and profits, but presenting potential perils to the customer experience. No one likes to be given the hard-sell when they're just out to enjoy a good meal, and it won’t be effective if the service team doesn’t approach it correctly.  When done correctly, upselling can be a welcome way for servers to engage with guests and meet their needs – while still increasing the bottom line.   Approach upselling with your guest's...

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When in doubt, re-read rule one

“Seth Godin is someone whom we respect, especially his views on customers and taking care of them.  His blog piece below is yet another example of how he “gets it” and is trying to help others do the same” When in doubt, re-read rule one Rule one has two parts:  a. the customer is always right b. if that's not true, it's unlikely that this person will remain your customer. If you need to explain to a customer that he's wrong, that everyone else has no problem, that you have tons...

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Where’s My Sign?

Where’s My Sign? I stopped into a big-box home improvement store today, and as I was parking I noticed a sign mounted to a light pole, in the closest space by their main entrance, that said “Reserved for Employee of the Month”.  I immediately looked around for the parking spot reserved for the Customer of the Month, but couldn’t find it.  The space was empty.  My first thought was: is it possible that everyone’s performance was so bad, no one “won” the spot this month?  Judging...

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How Painless Problem Resolution Creates Lifelong Fans

Is quick and easy problem resolution a top priority for your company? It should be. Great customer service is a leading way to create loyalty among your customers, and when it comes to return on investment, a study by Watermark Consulting shows that it can't be beat. After analyzing the stock portfolio performance of publicly traded companies in Forrester Research’s annual Customer Experience Index ranking, Watermark found that the top ranked companies handily outperformed the overall market, while the bottom ranked companies trailed far behind...

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IntelliShop Featured in SportsBusiness Journal

IntelliShop was recently featured in a SportsBusiness Journal syndicated study. Check out the article through this link!