The Giants, Patriots, or Pizza Delivery - who will deliver?

On Sunday, February 5th, the New York Giants and New England Patriots will face off in the Super Bowl and fans across the country are hoping they deliver.   Many of those same fans will also be counting on their favorite pizza chain to deliver a hot fresh pizza in time for the game.  Papa Johns, the Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL, set a single-day sales record last year on Super Bowl Sunday!  Domino’s predicts they will deliver over 1 million pizzas this year and Pizza Hut is forecasting more than 2 million.  How many...

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The Last Mile

New York Times bestselling author Ramit Sethi sums up his article about “the last mile” by referencing the peak-end rule: “…we judge out past experiences almost entirely on how they were at their peak (pleasant or unpleasant) and how they ended. Virtually all other information appears to be discarded, including net pleasantness or unpleasantness and how long the experience lasted.” Sethi wrote about the last mile nearly five years ago and his thoughts are even more relevant today. The importance of the last mile – “the last point of contact to a customer” ...

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The Greatest Fast Food Experience Ever

I LOVE Chipotle.  Fresh food, always tastes great, local ingredients, friendly people, controlled chaos behind the counter.  I eat there 2-4 times/week, and have literally never had anything close to a bad experience.  Many have just been "to expectations".  It's tough to serve that many people, in a "fast food" restaurant, and deliver a consistently great experience, right?  However, today's was, truly, an Experience.  My best ever at a "fast food" restaurant.  Why the quotation marks?  Read on.   My schedule was packed today, and it looked like the...

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A Great Quote

I read a great quote today from Seth Godin: "The problem with the race to the bottom is that you might win."

Consumers Less Willing To Put Up With Poor Customer Service

American consumers are an ever-changing breed, and a smart businessman knows to stay ahead of them – or at least to keep up.  This year, according to the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer, consumer changes include being less willing to deal with customer service that they view as becoming worse. This recently released report includes several undeniable trends and unsettling statistics regarding American consumers: 60% believe businesses haven’t increased their focus on providing good customer service 78% have ended a transaction or not made an intended purchase due to poor service 70% are willing to spend an average of 13%...

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