Top Holiday Shopping Trends for 2018

So you’ve made it past the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday but what is there to say about the rest of this holiday season? Take a look at this holiday season’s top 5 shopping trends. Higher spending. While 87% of shoppers will be looking for for the best deals when it comes to places to shop, the greatest deals will also lead to higher overall spending. Plus, 36% of millennials are most likely to spend more money with a retailer known for great customer service. According to
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5 Reasons Companies Implement An IntelliShop Mystery Shopping Program

Customer experience is more critical than ever to your success. Having information you can act on can help you uncover the exact actions you need to go from good to great. Check out the top 5 reasons why companies implement an IntelliShop mystery shopping program to drive improved satisfaction, loyalty, and financial performance. Understand how customers experience your brand Mystery shopping is the best way to understand your business from your customers’ point of view at every touchpoint.  Identify people and best practices that make a difference Reports provide concrete,...

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