Will Tablets Replace Restaurant Servers?

Restaurant technology has been in the news lately as more chains roll out tablets for diners to order their meals, pay the bill, and even play games while they wait. Is this the death-knell for human waitstaff? Probably not. A closer look reveals that rather than replacing professional servers with glossy iPads, pioneering chains are having success augmenting traditional service with tabletop devices. Chili's, partnered with Ziosk, has been getting positive responses in their initial rollout. After seeing increases in per-person check averages during the pilot program, they intend to place tablets...

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How brick-and-mortar stores are using pages from online retailers’ playbooks

It can sometimes sound like there's a war going on between online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores. Online retailers can offer convenience, price comparison, and the ease of shopping in your pajamas. Brick-and-mortar can offer a more human, engaging experience, along with the chance to try products out before purchasing. While both have their advantages, the reality is that most consumers are looking for the best of both worlds – and more brick-and-mortar retailers are finding innovative ways to blend the two. Personalized deals and offers With the ubiquitous nature of smart phones, mobile technology is acting as a bridge...

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