3 New Year’s Resolutions for Customer Experience Professionals

By Ron Welty, Founder & Chief Client Officer Every year, we make New Year’s resolutions, committing to them to varying degrees. Get in shape, read more, save money, the list goes on. Keep in mind, New Year’s resolutions aren’t just limited to things we want to change in our personal lives; they can also be aimed at businesses wanting to improve the customer experience. In welcoming another year, we put our spin on common New Year’s resolutions and applied them for today’s customer experience professional. Here are three customer experience...

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How to Get Customer Feedback Without Asking the Customer

By Ron Welty, Founder & Chief Client Officer Customer feedback surveys are everywhere. They’re at the bottom of cash register receipts. They fill up your inbox. They’re how customer service calls end.  According to Pew Research Center, as many as 82 percent of Americans make purchasing decisions based on customer feedback. While it’s important to gather feedback, the more you seek it, the more overburdened your customers may feel. As a result, your customers may suffer from

How to Turn Passive Customers Into Passionate Followers By Closing the Customer Feedback Loop

By Ron Welty, Founder & Chief Client Officer  The customer feedback loop is one of the most effective ways to understand your customers’ evolving needs and expectations. But simply gathering customer feedback isn’t enough. Closing the customer feedback loop can be an equally important part of the process.  When customers know their feedback is valued, it can inspire them to continue to give their feedback in the future. Closing the loop can help reduce churn, build...

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Best Practices for Managing Online Customer Reviews

By Ron Welty, Founder & Chief Client Officer Online reviews from customers can be a benefit and a burden to companies in any industry. Customers are willing to spend 31 percent more with businesses that boast excellent reviews, while 94 percent of consumers say a negative review can convince them to avoid a business. Not to mention, there are some reviews that are completely fake and can cause significant damage to a brand. Follow these best practices for customer review...

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