Baseball Isn’t The Same

Its spring -- one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Spring means a lot for sports – the Final Four, the Masters, the NHL Finals, and finally the opening of baseball season. That’s why I’d like to talk about baseball. Rangers Ball Park – Arlington, Texas. It’s the Rangers against the Angels. I bought my tickets online a week before the game. The day before the game, I received a “Thank you” e-mail from the Rangers. The e-mail included a lot of information about the game. For example, it had...

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Did you jump start your sales in January?

Did you "Jump start your sales" in January? If you did -- great! So you tried to focus on a suggestive selling campaign and it worked - maybe a little, maybe a lot.  If it was just a little, what went wrong?  You focused on suggesting a specific product that complements another.  You trained all of your employees on what to say and how to say it.  You posted advertising.  But the dial only moved a small amount. Here is a list of questions to ask yourself: (1) Do my employees know how well they are...

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Jump Start 2011 Sales & Staff Motivation

Want an easy way to jump-start your sales in 2011, while at the same time helping your associates and managers avoid or get out of the post-holiday blahs?  Run an upsell contest and reward your star performers.  Studies have shown that uspell contests measured using active mystery shopping programs can improve upsell percentages as much as 50% in a very short period of time.  Whether you have stores, restaurants, branches, call centers, or other types of locations, you can use such programs to jump start sales this year, and also get your frontline people fired up and motivated. ...

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