Milwaukee Bucks Lead IntelliShop NBA Season Ticket Study

IntelliShop recently published a syndicated tele-sales study in the January 6th issue SportsBusiness Journal. Our 2013 NBA Season Ticket Agent Study has produced a number of interesting (and often surprising) results.  Taken at the highest level, there are three key takeaways; two being quite positive, the third being somewhat concerning: 1. NBA agents are performing better than most call center sales operations, including those of other major sports leagues. 2. NBA agents improved their sales processes and customer handling skills, since the last study (2011). 3. Although the overall picture is positive, there is an alarming gap between the performances of individual teams in...

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Rogue Mystery Shoppers

Many companies choose to employ mystery shoppers and mystery shopping companies to ensure their employees are offering the best and most reliable service they can.  Firms improve the customer service they offer, shoppers earn money, and sometimes employees even receive bonuses based on their performance with these secret shoppers. Sometimes, however, this system works in a different way.  Occasionally, the mystery shopper is not contracted by a mystery shopping firm or even the business entity itself. These shoppers can be self-driven, media-related, or even government-employed. Apple Inc. is known for their brand image and well-constructed products.  Apple...

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That’s Just The Way It Is

Bruce Hornsby famously sang, “That’s just the way it is. Some things will never change.” A younger generation of readers will recall those lyrics as they were sampled by 2pac some years ago, and the words are no less relevant now. Dr. Chip Bell, an expert consultant on customer loyalty, has said that after a person is employed for about ninety days, he becomes blind to the details that his customers see. This accurately defines one primary function of mystery shoppers, but it also points out a risk that even mystery shoppers face. When we become...

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