How Micro Moments are Maximizing the Customer Experience

By Ron Welty, Founder & Chief Client Officer Each person experiences 20,000 moments every day, so says Nobel Prize-winning scientist Daniel Kahnema. Among these moments, there are what Google calls “micro moments,” or moments when someone is looking for answers, discovering new things, or making a decision to know, go, do, or buy. In these moments, customers are drawn to the brands that deliver on their needs. Here’s how top brands are leveraging...

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Hiring Associates with Customer Experience in Mind

By Ron Welty, Founder & Chief Client Officer Customer experience is not a “job responsibility” that’s limited to one person or even one department. It’s important to get every associate—from the frontlines to non-customer-facing positions—on board with your brand’s standards for customer experience. In fact, research by Deloitte found that customer-centric companies are 60 percent more profitable compared to companies that aren’t focused on the customer.  ...

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Creating Buyer Personas to Improve Customer Experience

By Ron Welty, Founder & Chief Client Officer Meet Michael. Michael is a senior sales manager for a national brand. He’s in his mid-40s, holds an MBA, and has been with his current company for over 10 years. With so many associates to keep track of—not to mention his own goals to meet—Michael wants to find a way to recognize his top performers across the country. He’s invested in a few performance tracking programs over the past few years but hasn’t found one that’s manageable in his already-busy...

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Why the Post-Purchase Customer Experience May Be Just as Important as the Sale Itself

By Ron Welty, Founder and Chief Client Officer The customer journey doesn’t stop after a purchase is made. While the ultimate goal of any business is the sale, if you want to encourage repeat customers, brands should put the same focus on the post-purchase customer experience as well.  The post-purchase customer experience consists of everything that happens after the customer checks out to when customer uses the product. This includes how online orders are fulfilled, delivered and communicated to your customers.  Alex Poulos, vice president of marketing for, told

How to Improve the Ecommerce Customer Experience

by Ron Welty, Founder & Chief Client Officer Online or shopping mall? Customers are increasingly choosing online stores over brick and mortar locations, with ecommerce sales representing more than half of all retail sales growth last year, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.  As with any business in today’s “age of the customer,” e-retailers must focus on creating exceptional experiences in order to stay competitive. Pivotree, a global commerce and information...

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