How to Develop a Customer-Centric Culture in your Organization

by Ron Welty, Founder & Chief Client Officer What makes for a great customer experience? It’s not simply the first person a customer sees when they enter a store or the associate who answers the phone. Customer experience touches every facet of an organization, from marketing and sales to product development and especially frontline associates that interact with customers every day. Some of the world’s greatest companies understand a customer-centric culture must be exemplified by every member of an organization. Research by

Best Practices for Improving Customer Experience Through Social Media

by Ron Welty, Founder & Chief Client Officer Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have evolved to become strong marketing, advertising, and customer service channels for businesses in every industry. Social media is typically one of the first channels customers go to when they are seeking advice or need to communicate with a brand. According to a J.D. Power survey, 67 percent of customers have used social media to resolve their customer service issues. Improving your brand’s social media strategy can help take your customer experience to...

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Why Creating an Omnichannel Customer Experience has Never Been More Important

by Ron Welty, Founder & Chief Client Officer The way customers and companies connect has changed dramatically in recent years. Phone, email, live chat, text messaging, social media, mobile apps—there appears to be an endless supply of channels for customer communication, with the majority of customers expecting to reach a company 24/7. It’s often challenging for companies to not only be accessible in these channels, but for those channels to deliver consistent quality. According to the

Leveraging Personalized Touchpoints to Improve Customer Experience

by Ron Welty, Founder & Chief Client Officer In a competitive marketplace where customers have endless options, customer experience and personalization have become two of the most important differentiators for businesses. It’s so important that Gartner found that 89 percent of businesses will compete solely on customer experience. In order to sustain growth, it will be vital for brands to create personalized experiences along every point in the customer journey. Customer Experience Touchpoints Customer experience touchpoints are interactions, including encounters where there is no physical interaction, that affect...

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What are the Best Methods for Measuring Customer Experience Insights?

by Ron Welty, Founder & Chief Client Officer Every company wants to put the customer first. Sounds simple, but it’s one of the most difficult things for a business to accomplish. Measuring customer experience allows companies to better understand the needs of their customers by learning their likes and dislikes along the customer journey. This is important for businesses to improve customer experience and meet KPIs. As an American Express survey found, the majority of buyers will pay more for first-class customer service. To better understand...

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