How Mystery Shopping Works

Mystery shopping helps companies measure customer experience by evaluating quality of service and products, compliance with organizational initiatives, and collection and measurement of customer feedback.

Our Mystery Shopping Methodology

Every business is different, even those in the same industry. That’s why IntelliShop focuses on flexibility and creativity when designing and implementing our mystery shopping programs, crafting each program’s onboarding process from the ground-up to adjust to the needs of each client. Our industry-leading approach can provide the concrete, detailed insights you need to drive improved satisfaction, loyalty, and financial performance. The process from “let’s go” to launch can be as quick as two weeks.

While every client has different needs in the development and onboarding phase, here’s a general idea of how we launch new programs:

1. Plan

First, we’ll connect you with one of our Client Services Managers. They’ll get to know your business and work with you to develop a custom mystery shopping plan or roadmap based on your business objectives. Our unique onboarding approach is designed to relieve you of as much of the work as possible and will outline our detailed plan of action and timeline developed in collaboration and approved by you. Unlike other mystery shopping companies, we only design programs that provide you with a positive ROI.

2. Schedule

Our pool of over 1 million independent evaluators is screened to precisely match your customer demographics. IntelliShop schedulers work with our selected panel of certified independent evaluators to educate them on your particular program requirements and schedule them for the specific locations, times, and activities outlined in your custom roadmap.

3. Evaluate

After visiting your store, contacting your business, or using your website, our independent evaluators complete a customized questionnaire created specifically for your project. Answers are usually a combination of multiple choice or scored points, along with highly detailed, story-like comments that allow you to fully understand the customer experience. Every evaluation is checked with our 28-step integrity validation process. IntelliShop’s robust quality assurance processes assure that every report is of the highest integrity and quality, so you can have full confidence in what’s reported.

4. Analyze

IntelliShop goes beyond mere data collection by providing actionable insights to our clients. We compile and analyze all the data from within the completed mystery shopper evaluations to understand what it means more globally for you. Results are analyzed, summarized, and provided to your team in real time through a custom InSite™ portal that we design to meet your brand, language, and functionality requirements. We’ll meet with you to review results and provide guidance for best practices, continuous improvement, and other program details to assure your program is a success and you get the positive ROI you’re seeking.

5. Change

IntelliShop guides you on how to take what you’ve learned from the real experiences we’ve reported on and integrate it within your overall customer experience and organizational strategy. This new knowledge of opportunity will help you create effective improvements to your customer experience strategy.

6. Repeat

We’re not finished yet. IntelliShop knows that taking your business from good to great means creating a culture of constant improvement. We’ll remain a loyal partner and work with you to create a schedule of ongoing evaluations and additional customer experience research services that will help fine-tune your brand experience and take your business to new heights. IntelliShop is founded on creating extraordinary customer experiences and is committed to delivering results that help our clients succeed. That’s why some of the world’s best-known brands trust their mystery shopping to us.

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