Brand Standards & Compliance

Solutions that increase your bottom line by identifying & minimizing preventable shrink, inventory, royalty, other assets and total loss. We can be your full-scope, outsourced Loss Prevention department, and can also custom-tailor individual programs to identify and solve short-term issues.

Brand Standards & Compliance

The term “brand standards” has quickly evolved, from its roots in marketing departments making sure that a company’s communications to the outside world followed the same guidelines for image and appearance, to something much more all-encompassing.  Today, leadership teams of large organizations need assurance that their standards across a wide-ranging list of things are being followed and complied with, and they need independent confirmation of that. 

Advantages of Outsourcing

Brand Standards programs can include:

Loss Prevention Services

In addition to traditional inventory shrinkage solutions, we work with clients to develop and manage total-scope loss prevention and compliance programs. Retailers, food service companies, franchisors, and other consumer-facing industries experience significant losses beyond simple inventory shrink.  We focus our clients on addressing non-inventory losses related to omnichannel issues, food and liquor-related losses, process failures causing loss not captured in shrink numbers, under-reporting by franchisees, and more.

Loss Prevention Programs Include

Franchise & Royalty Assurance

The challenges of running a profitable franchise organization are many.  To assure compliance with franchise agreements and accurate reporting of sales, royalty payments, etc., independent audits of franchisees must be done on a consistent basis.  Everyone has heard the cases of franchisees who setup ghosted P.O.S. systems, sell company-branded products in  unauthorized and undocumented ways, costing companies into the millions of dollars in lost royalties.  IntelliShop’s services will identify if such issues exist in your organization, stop them quickly, and help you claw-back the under-reported payments due.

Services Include

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