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Checking Scam

Please be aware that persons misrepresenting themselves as employees of IntelliShop have been attempting to recruit individuals to participate in a fraudulent mystery shopping program.  The scams vary slightly, but the overarching structure is the same, wherein a packet is mailed to participants in this “program”.  Included in the packet is a check, which is  to be deposited into the shoppers/victims account.  A portion of the funds is to be wired to a specific account, through a specific company/money wiring service, and the remainder is to be retained as compensation for the services rendered.  The check is not real, and will bounce, and the victim will be deprived of the funds wired to the criminals perpetrating this scam. 

Please know that If you receive any email communication referring to a check being mailed to you, a check through the mail, or any text messages, please report it to your local authorities. We recommend blocking them from your email and phone so they can no longer contact you. If you ever have questions about the legitimacy of a shop offer please call our office directly.