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Good Morning IntelliShop Community,

Wood County, Ohio is under a Level III snow emergency. This means that only emergency vehicles are allowed on the road. As a result, our office will be closed for the day, and employees will work from home. Stay safe today, it's going to be a cold one!

Wait – Why do I have to choose a specific date?

You may have noticed something new when applying for a mystery shop for IntelliShop recently: when you apply, some of our shops now require you to choose a specific date on which you will perform the shop. The schedulers here at IntelliShop know that one of the best things about mystery shopping is the flexibility – you can “be your own boss” to an extent. With that in mind, we fear that some of our loyal shoppers will be disappointed that they have to narrow down a specific date. However, our clients sometimes request multiple shops at the same retail store, car dealership, etc., in a short timeframe, and would prefer that no more than one shop be performed at the location per day. Another possibility is that our client would like to see the shops spread at least two or three days apart. Having our shoppers pick their date helps us make sure the client gets the “spread” of shops that they request. Once another shopper has selected a date, another shopper is prevented from selecting the same one, and in the end the client is happy. So, while you may be disappointed to see this new requirement when you apply for certain shops, please know that it helps us greatly in serving our clients!

What Happened to Spell Check?

The spell check feature, once found at the bottom of our reports, has officially been removed. All current browsers have spell check built in. If yours does not have spell check you can use a program like Word to spell check your narratives, or you can download the newest version of your favorite browser.

If you misspell a word a red line will appear under the misspelled word. You can right click and choose the correct spelling.

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, they are the most compatible with IntelliShop’s InSite platform.

Mozilla Firefox:

Google Chrome:

Internet Explorer:

As you know, to attain a high shopper grade, you must have zero spelling errors in your reports!

Happy Shopping!

Saving your Reports

From time to time we get emails and phone calls from shoppers that filled out a report, and returned to it later to find out that their info wasn’t saved. This is extremely frustrating to everyone!  When you’re filling out a report please be sure to save it! That little pop up you see, reminding you to save every 30 minutes, it’s no joke! Make sure you click “Save” often! The “Save” link will be at the very bottom of the questionnaire. You can save as often as you’d like.

When you finish a report, after saving but before submitting, you can always print the report to keep a copy for yourself.

You can also copy the narratives you type and save them in a document on your computer. If anything were to happen that caused your comments to be deleted you can simply paste them back into the report.

As we all know- it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Happy Shopping!

Did you know you could…

…remove applications?  It has happened to all of us, you apply for a shop that you really want to do, and then something pops up. Most shoppers leave their application and wait to cancel until it is officially assigned to them. However, you can delete your applications so that the mystery shop can be assigned to someone who is ready, willing and able to do the shop.

When you may need to delete an application:
- You apply for a shop, and then realize the day/time restrictions don’t fit with your schedule.
- You apply for a shop and realize that you know someone who works at the store
-  You are showing a friend our website and accidently apply for something that you aren’t able to do.

Of course, we always hope you pay close attention to the details of the posting on the Job Board before applying, but here are the steps to delete an application if needed:

1)    Login to your IntelliShop account
2)    Click “My Apps” at the top of the screen
3)    Click “Delete this Application” for the shop you cannot perform.

Check back soon to see our next tip! Happy Shopping!