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Start Date

Everyone knows about the “Due Date”; it is the date your mystery shop needs to be completed by and entered into the system. However, in the shop information, there is another date you need to pay close attention to: the “Start Date”. This is the date you can start your mystery shop. Before applying or self-assigning any mystery shop, make sure to look at the “Start Date” as well as the “Due Date”.

The “Start Date” is very important because many mystery shops can only be completed within a certain date range. If you start your mystery shop before the “Start Date” there is a chance that it will not be accepted and you will not be paid.

If there is no “Start Date” listed, then you can complete the mystery shop anytime up to the due date within any specified time restrictions.

How to update your report

Even the best Mystery Shoppers make mistakes when they are filling out the reports- it is very easy to forget to make a comment about a required item. If you do leave something out, you can count on our awesome proofreaders to catch it- they are really good at what they do! They will try to call you for updates, but if you can’t be reached by phone, they will send you an email. Here are a few tips to make updating your report easier! 

1) Do not reply to the email. Your update may be a simple “yes” or “no” answer, and it would be easy just to reply to the email, however; IntelliShop Proofreaders cannot accept incoming emails. Why? They are working hard on getting through the thousands of reports we do every month!  
2) Go directly to your report. Each email will include all of the information needed to complete your report. You can login to your IntelliShop account, click on the “Finish Shop” link, and take care of the updates. 
3) “But I don’t understand a request!” Ask your scheduler! We are here to help! Login to your IntelliShop account and click the “Help” link, which will allow you to email the appropriate scheduler for the specific shop you are working on. 
4) “It says I need to upload my receipt, but I already did that.” We must be able to read all of the information on the image you upload. If you take a picture of your receipt from far away, and we can’t verify the price you paid or the location you went to, we will not be able to “finalize” your report. The BEST way to get a receipt to us is to scan it. If you don’t have a scanner, faxing also gives us a very clear copy of the image. 
5) Don’t give up! We know it can be frustrating to have to return to make updates, but we ask you for them because we WANT to pay you for your work!! We want the great employee you interacted with to get credit for your work. We want the less than perfect employee to learn from their mistakes! If you don’t update your report, everyone misses out on a great opportunity. 
We always appreciate the great reports we get from all of our shoppers! If you have any questions on how to make your report perfect, just ask your scheduler! Thanks for everything you do for us!

Don’t you deserve a high-class dinner and night out?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could also be reimbursed in exchange for your feedback of the overall dining experience?

Top 5 Tips to Perform a Perfect Fine Dining Shop:
1. An eye for detail - You must understand what you are required to order, evaluate, and observe.  This is very important, and crucial to your overall dining experience.  You should always review your shop instructions before performing your shop.
2. Preparation - Review the restaurant’s website and menu before your shop. Most fine dining shops require you to make a reservation 24-48 hours prior to your shop. 
3. Understanding of Menu Offerings - Take the time to review the restaurant’s menu before going to your assigned location. By reviewing the menu and website prior to your shop date, you will have some insight into the style and ambiance of the restaurant you will be evaluating.  This is especially helpful if you have never dined in the restaurant you are evaluating.  
4. What to order? - As you and your guest review the menu, tentatively pick out your meals. Keep in mind that this is not the time to be adventurous, or go overboard. Pick items that you are relatively familiar with, and items you would normally order.  
5. Reporting - Fine dining establishments have high standards for service and the reports can call for a lot of details. Worried you won’t remember all shop requirements or that you will forget employee names?  Solution – split the duties with your guest! Go to the restroom once or twice during your shop to take notes (secretly); write down delivery times, and/or employee names (smart phones are great for this).  The more descriptive and specific you are when reporting your experience, the better!

Mystery shop in November, pay off that Holiday debt

By now, the schedulers here at IntelliShop have posted our mystery shops for the month of November. As you likely know, our shops are paid bimonthly, which means shops performed in November will be paid in January. I encourage you to perform a few extra shops in November for a reason that may not have crossed your mind yet – paying off your Holiday debt!

Even if you are not the type of person that spends extra money on your friends or family during December, you may find yourself caught in the spirit of the season and overspend. Come January, you may have amassed a big credit card bill. Just when you’re wondering how you will dig yourself out – surprise – your payment for your November shops for IntelliShop arrives!

Imagine the possibilities – you could mystery shop a car dealership in November to help pay off the Matchbox car you bought for your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew, or even the new car you bought for your spouse. You could mystery shop for a TV at a retail store, and have it help you pay off the flatscreen you bought yourself in December. Or, you could mystery shop a convenience store / gas station to help pay for all the gas you used in December sitting in Holiday traffic around the mall!

Head on over to the Job Board and pick up a few November shops!

Make Some Extra Cash for Christmas Shopping!

Are you looking for ways to make holiday shopping easier this season? Have you thought about picking up some shops during the month of October?!

IntelliShop pays our shoppers every sixty (60) days for the shops that they have completed successfully. Our shop payments go out on the 20th of every month!

If you want to make some extra cash in time for holiday season, October is the month to do it, since October shops will be paid on December 20th!

We have a variety of shops ranging from car service shops (having an oil change paid for can help lower your bills around the holidays), customer service evaluations at a variety of retail stores, and many other shops that are even available to do by phone!

You could pick up some shops and receive payment just in time for some last minute shopping, and you could even have certain items paid for! IntelliShop offers several shops that require you to purchase an item of YOUR CHOICE, and we will reimburse up to a certain amount.

Start planning your holiday shopping now, and let IntelliShop ease the stress of last minute shopping!

Please visit your Job Board and/or contact a Scheduler for available shops in your area. We still have a wide variety available!