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Shopper Rating – what’s my rating?

IntelliShop uses a shopper rating to determine the quality ranking of our mystery shoppers.  This is an internal point system which helps the scheduling team measure our shoppers’ commitment, reliability, report quality, ability to follow instructions, and experience level.  The point system is based on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.  A shopper rating is averaged over time. It is re-calculated frequently; ratings can either be raised or decreased.

IntelliShop automatically assigns each newly registered shopper a rating of 5 immediately upon registering with our company (reminder – it’s free to sign-up & there are NO membership fees…ever!!!). Once a mystery shopper has performed a shop assignment, the questionnaire/report will be reviewed and then scored based on different criterion, such as how well directions were followed (based on the shop guidelines), how timely the report was submitted, how detailed the narratives were, and how accurate the observations were.

We are ALWAYS looking for great, reliable people to join our market research team. It’s FREE to register & there are NO membership fees. Click here to sign-up!

Here at IntelliShop the Field Staff Coordinators REALLY care about our shoppers AND we do THANK YOU for your commitment in keeping IntelliShop the quality leader in market research.

What does that mean?

If you are a new shopper, you may hear or read mystery shopping terms or “lingo” that you do not understand. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a short alphabetized glossary of terms used at IntelliShop that you may not be familiar with. It can be found here (along with tons of other great information).

Are you a High-Demand Shopper?

IntelliShop offers mystery shops throughout the US, Canada and more! Many of these shops are in highly populated areas, but others are a little further off the grid.

Shoppers willing to travel are continuously in high demand. If you are planning a trip, or driving somewhere you don’t normally travel, take a look at our Job Board before you leave. We may evaluate a store or a city you didn’t know about!

Shoppers living in remote areas are very few at times, and the client requires that a shopper wait a certain amount of time to re-visit the location. This is so they are not recognized by the employees as a mystery shopper, and so we can get a wide variety of data, opinions and experience from the visits. If you live in one of these remote areas where high-demand shoppers are needed, we really appreciate your help!

Another great thing you can do is to refer your friends and family to IntelliShop. There are often incentives for shoppers willing to go above and beyond at these hard to schedule locations.

So if you recognize yourself as a high-demand shopper, we appreciate what you do!

Staying a Mystery

You don’t have to be wearing a t-shirt that says “I’m A Mystery Shopper” to be “found out.” If you don’t blend in with the people who normally shop, eat, or visit the place where you are doing a Mystery Shop, you might as well be wearing the shirt that says “I’m a Mystery Shopper.”

If you’re doing a shop at a high-end restaurant, your jeans and flip-flops should stay in the closet; instead, opt for something business casual. On the other hand, if you’re doing a shop at a local park, convenience store or mall, the jeans and flip-flops may be fine.

To successfully complete a mystery shop, one of your most important goals is to stay a mystery! You should blend in with the “regulars.” If you’re ever in doubt, the friendly members of our scheduling team would be more than happy to give advice.  

Remember to check your guidelines before getting ready for a shop (as you always should!). Some will require that you wear a specific type of clothing. If there is nothing mentioned in the guidelines, then you can make the call. Just remember to blend in, and leave the “I’m a Mystery Shopper” shirt behind!

Unwanted e-mails?

Are you receiving shop offer e-mails and/or phone calls for shops that are not in your area?  Are you tired of getting excited about a shop, only to find out that it’s too far away?  

Have you moved or changed your phone number without updating your profile? This could be the main reason why you are receiving our great shop offers that are not in your area. We agree - it’s very frustrating!

Our expert scheduling staff spends a lot of time preparing our e-mail lists to send to our shoppers. When we have a location that needs to be shopped, we will enter the zip code of that store and pull all of the shoppers within 20 miles of that zip code to offer them the shop. If you are no longer in that zip code area you MUST update your profile so you do not receive unwanted e-mails!

We have many shops that have special demographic requirements, as well. These are also included in your profile AND in your extended shopper profile. Have you changed banks, bought a new car, changed your cell phone provider, graduated college, or got a new job? Please update your extended shopper profile so you don’t miss out on our incredible shop offers for people that fit your demographic!

We know your time is very valuable, as is ours. So, if you are tired of receiving unwanted shop offer e-mails, you simply need to update your profile!