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Did you know you could…

…remove applications?  It has happened to all of us, you apply for a shop that you really want to do, and then something pops up. Most shoppers leave their application and wait to cancel until it is officially assigned to them. However, you can delete your applications so that the mystery shop can be assigned to someone who is ready, willing and able to do the shop.

When you may need to delete an application:
- You apply for a shop, and then realize the day/time restrictions don’t fit with your schedule.
- You apply for a shop and realize that you know someone who works at the store
-  You are showing a friend our website and accidently apply for something that you aren’t able to do.

Of course, we always hope you pay close attention to the details of the posting on the Job Board before applying, but here are the steps to delete an application if needed:

1)    Login to your IntelliShop account
2)    Click “My Apps” at the top of the screen
3)    Click “Delete this Application” for the shop you cannot perform.

Check back soon to see our next tip! Happy Shopping!

Our phone number is changing!

Starting immediately, if you need to contact your scheduler or have questions about your shop, please call 866-234-1423. We have noticed many shoppers call in to ask the same basic questions, so we added some information on our most frequently asked questions in a recording. Please be sure you listen to all of the options, chances are your question will be answered!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Many of us are taking advantage of the long weekend by traveling to visit friends and family. If you’re traveling over the weekend, we suggest you take a look at our Job Board! We may have shops available in areas you will be traveling through! To access the Job Board just login to your account and click the “Job Board” link at the top of the page. Happy Shopping!

Think of it as a coupon!

We often search online for a coupon for the oil change we need. We go through the paper every Sunday, clipping the best coupons. We may even pay for books filled with coupons. We sometimes forget that Mystery Shopping can be better than coupons!

If you visit our Job Board before heading out, you may find a Mystery Shop somewhere you were already going. Are you going to an appliance store to look for a new stove? We may have a shop there, or somewhere in the same strip-mall. Do you need an oil change? We probably have one in your area! Can’t decide where to go for dinner? Check out our Job Board, something may sound good!

If you make a habit of checking our Job Board, you may find some shops you never knew we had. Visit the Job Board by following this link or login to your IntelliShop account and click the “Job Board” link at the top of your Shop Log.

I can’t find my guidelines…HELP!?

A lot of the companies that IntelliShop works with require us to evaluate different departments, scenarios, cars, etc.  Our website will only allow for one guideline upload. To prevent the confusion that may result from combining the various instructions into one enormous set of guidelines, we sometimes put the specific set of guidelines within the shop that you are assigned to do, instead of in the “Guidelines” link.  

When you are assigned to evaluate a location, you will go to your shop log and click on “CONFIRM” to confirm your assignment.  That will take you back to your shop log, where you will click on “Guidelines”. When you download the guidelines, you may be directed to click on “View/submit” to view your instructions. You will then close out of the guidelines.

Next, you will need to refresh your browser (press F5 on your keyboard).  This will allow you to click on the “View/submit” link. If you do not refresh, your “View/submit” link will be grayed out and you will not be able to see your report or your guidelines. Once you are in your report, you will see a flashing blue link that says: “Click Here For Your Guidelines”.  By clicking that link, you will be able to view the guidelines for your specific assignment.  

If you are unsure which department, car, or scenario you are assigned to evaluate, you can click on “Comments” (right under the “View/submit” link) and see what you are assigned.  This information was also originally emailed to you in your acceptance email when you were assigned.