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A vehicle is so much more than just that. It’s the sports car your customer wanted since they were young. It’s the truck he relies on to get to and from work. It’s the sedan she trusts with her teenage driver. In the automotive industry, customer experience is key.

Customer Experience Solutions in the Automotive Industry

From manufacturers to dealerships to repair shops, there are many touchpoints along the customer journey in the automotive industry. It’s important for businesses to take a driver’s seat approach when creating exceptional customer experiences.
At IntelliShop, our mystery shopping solutions can evaluate:

We’ll tailor your automotive mystery shopping program to meet your specific needs and deliver a positive ROI. IntelliShop’s field evaluators can visit your dealership or shop in person or online, as well as call on the phone. We also offer video mystery shopping services, so your team can see and hear exactly what it’s like to experience your brand through your customer’s point of view.

In addition to mystery shopping, IntelliShop offers compliance audits, competitor evaluations, and voice of customer programs to provide you with a holistic picture of your customer experience.

Receive Actionable, Detailed Reporting

At IntelliShop, we don’t just collect data. We work with you to understand your mystery shopping report and get the results you need to go from good to great. After the mystery shop, we’ll provide you with an actionable, story-like InSite™ report.

We’ll explain which areas of your dealership or repair shop excel as well as help you create a rewards program for high performing associates. We’ll also work with you to provide a clear path forward on any areas that need improvement. Our recommendations are proven to help you retain existing customers, increase revenue, and improve the customer experience in the automotive industry.


Real industry knowledge.

IntelliShop has experience working within the automotive industry. Drop us a line and find out what makes us different and how we can help make your business better.

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Custom Analytics

InSite™ gives you real-time access to all your data via our industry-leading digital platform. We’ll provide you with a custom portal, designed just for your brand.


A driven team.

Creating exceptional customer experiences is what drives our team. We’ll tirelessly work to make a difference in your business and create programs and incentives to expand on what works.

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The key to success

IntelliShop helps you understand your customer experience at every touchpoint, with advanced analytics to help you shift the factors that affect performance into high gear.

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